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Your clients, investors and board members expect a hassle-free experience. Our industry-leading event experts ensure your calls are seamless from beginning to end. With GlobalMeet Operator Assist, you’ll be able to reach participants anywhere in the world through a secure, reliable audio network, avoiding delays, disconnects and other persistent problems with our professional operators managing your important events.

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Ouverture à Zip d'orteil Talon Femme Cuir AalarDom Unie PU TSFLG004662 Blanc Bas Sandales Couleur GlobalMeet Event Specialists: Highly Trusted and In Demand Among the World’s Largest Organizations

Contacter un spécialiste de l'événementiel

What to Expect

How our award-winning event specialists will ensure your calls’ success:

Before Your Event

Gain confidence and peace of mind with expert preparation.

  • Consult with GlobalMeet Event Experts
  • Coordination des répétitions
  • Envoi des invitations à l’événement par e-mail ou par SMS
  • Collecte des données d’inscription

On the Call

Drive engagement and increase participant satisfaction.

  • Moderate Q&A Sessions and Polls
  • Present and Manage Slideshows
  • Appel et connexion directs des participants
  • Création de conférences privées

After Your Event

Make the most
of your call.

  • Reporting complet
  • Leverage Transcription and Translation
  • Enjoy Professional Recording & Editing
  • Replay your Call via Web or Toll-free Phone

Around-the-Clock Support

From event consultation to tech support, our experts are available 24/7 – before, during and after each operator-assisted call. When you work with GlobalMeet, you get a partner who’s vested in your success.

Contacter un spécialiste de l'événementiel

Operator Assisted Conference Calls – Features

Un service mondial pour entreprise mondiale

Spread your message far and wide. With our advanced global audio network, events can be delivered across 160+ worldwide access numbers with toll-free service and 24/7 multilingual support.

Un service clientèle sans précédent

Enjoy best-in-class support from GlobalMeet’s award-winning event team. Available day and night, our event specialists are trained to maintain flawless calls from beginning to end.

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Concentrez-vous sur votre contenu, pas sur votre appel

Let our event specialists worry about the details. We personalize each conference call to your needs, so you can focus on your presentation and audience.

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Slide Assist vous emmène au-delà de l’audio

Power up your operator assisted conference calls with eye-catching, easy-to-view visual aids. With the Slide Assist feature, you can share slides, collect live questions and more.

Webinars and Webcasts

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Add value to your business by taking communication to the next level with our dependable, cloud-based webcast and webinar solutions.

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